Indoor Sand Leagues

2021 TVA Winter Indoor Sand League


Regular Season: Week of January 4th through week of March 1st

Playoffs: Week of March 8th

Leagues Held Monday through Friday. Nine Week Regular Season with two matches a night. Single Elimination Playoffs (19 Game Guarantee). Games are two sets to 21 points or 45 minutes. Matches start as early as 6:00 PM.

Divisions Offered:

Mondays - Max Number of Teams: 21

  • Coed A/BB 2s 
  • Coed AA 2s 

Tuesdays - Max Number of Teams: 32

  • Coed AA 4s
  • Men’s A/BB 2s 
  • Men’s AA 2s
  • Women’s A/BB 2s
  • Women’s AA 2s

Wednesdays - Max Number of Teams: 35

  • Coed BB 4s
  • Men’s Open 2s
  • Women’s Open 2s
  • Men’s A KOB
  • Women’s A QOB

Thursdays - Max Number of Teams: 35

  • Coed A 4s
  • Coed Open 2s
  • Coed AA 2s

Fridays - Max Number of Teams: 32

  • Coed A 4s
  • Coed BB 4s
  • Coed A/BB 2s
  • Coed AA 2s


  • Quads (4s) - Total Team Fee: $360.00
  • Doubles (2s) - Total Team Fee: $250.00
  • KoB/QoB - Individual Fee: $125.00

Team fees can be broken up into four individual payments of $90.00 and two individual payments of $125.00 for each team member for Quads and Doubles respectively. All participants must have a TVA Seasonal Membership which is automatically added to your cart when checking out. This membership is $20.00 and is only paid once regardless of how many different divisions you participate in during a season.


Subs are required to pay for a $5.00 7-Day TVA membership to participate in league play, if they are already not a TVA League Member. Once an individual purchases FOUR 7-Day TVA memberships, they will automatically be upgraded to a Full Seasonal Membership.


Registration for new teams closes Monday December 28th. This does not mean that we will have room for new teams come December 28th as divisions fill up quickly. Click the button below to access the TVA SportSignUp Play backend. Register for the 2021 Winter Indoor Sand League sign up and select the division you wish to participate in.

Click here to view the teams that are participating in the league - Updated Daily at Noon Mon-Friday.

Membership and Member Benefits

In past seasons there hasn't been much of a perk to having a TVA membership. We now have created a few built in perks to having a membership.

  • All Night Happy Hour Prices at the Snack Bar 
  • $5.00 Open Gym (Open Gym price increasing to $7.00 starting January 3rd)
  • Discounts on Adult Classes
  • Multi-League Rebate*
  • Discounts on Tournament Entry Fees
  • Discounted pricing on TVA Apparel

*You will receive a $10.00 Credit to your account after registering for multiple divisions. Apply the discount immediately contact Dexter at

Indoor Sand Leagues

2020 Fall Indoor Sand Leagues

TVA has finally begun the process of moving sand from one facility to the other. Currently we have TWO Indoor Sand courts with plans to expand to 5 Sand courts by Mid November. That being said we are ready to offer Sand Leagues Tuesday - Thursday. Because of the limited space we will not offer the same divisions as previously offered until we expand to FIVE courts. This season will be SIX WEEKS with ONE WEEK of Playoffs. All teams make playoffs. 

Tentative Dates:

Registration Open: NOW

Divisions Offered:‚Äč

  • Tuesday Coed AA 4's - 9 Spots available - Starts Tue. October 27th
  • Wednesday Coed BB 4's - 11 Spots available - Starts Wed. October 28th
  • Thursday Coed A 4's - 12 Spots available - Starts Thu. October 29th
  • Friday - 12 Spots available between both divisions - Starts Fri. Nov. 6th**
    • Coed A/BB 6's
    • Coed A 4's

** Friday Coed A/BB 6's is a FIVE week league and the price was reduced to reflect that change


  • Coed 4's - $300 team fee or $75 individual team fee (Four Individual Team Fees are required to be purchased)
  • Coed 6's - $360 team fee or $60 individual team fee (Six Individual Team Fees are required to be purchased)
  • Coed 4's (Friday Night Only) - $260.00 team fee or $65.00 Individual Team Fee (Four Individual Team Fees are required to be purchased)
  • Every league member is required to also purchase a $20.00 Membership. This membership will be good through the 2021 Winter Season.


All TVA League members are required to have a TVA membership in order to participate. Subs are required to at mimimum purchase a Single Week membership for $5.00 to participate in league play. Once a sub purchases FOUR SINGLE WEEK memberships within a season, they are not required to pay any additional membership fees and will automatically be upgraded to a full membership for that season. Seasonal Memberships are $20.00 and are automatically added to your account when registering for a league. Current benefits of a TVA membership

  • TVA League Members receive Happy Hour Pricing on food & beverages 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
  • TVA League Members also receive a $5.00 discount on tournament registrations throughout the duration of their


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