All tournaments require an AVP America memberships.  

Unless otherwise posted tournament information is as follows:

  • Check-in & Late/Walk-up Registration is from 8:00 - 8:30am

  • All participants must be checked in, registered and paid in full by 8:30am.

  • Tournament play will start at 9:00am

  • Pool play will be 1 set to 21 then everyone will be seeded for bracket play (Everyone makes bracket play).

  • Bracket play is best 2 out of 3 sets, if a third set is required then it will be played to 15
    (switching sides every 5 points). 

  • Must win by 2 points with NO cap.

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2020 Fall Indoor Sand Tournaments

Build the Bar Series

TVA is excited to announce it's Build the Bar Series. We'd like to throw some smaller events in compliance with Virginia's COVID-19 Regulations. We will have an AM Wave and a TWILIGHT WAVE at the Tidewater Volleyball Center. The proceeds for this tournament will go towards upgrading the Tidewater Volleyball Center Bar.

Currently the Tidewater Volleyball Center consists of TWO Indoor Sand Volleyball Courts and THREE Hard court Volleyball courts. We will run COED Beach events every Saturday and Sunday in November. These events will rotate to give division a chance to play early and late.

Expected Tournament Series Schedule:


Saturday AM Division

  • 8:00 am Doors Open/Check-in
  • 9:00 am Tournament Begins

Saturday Twilight Division

  • 4:00 pm Check-in
  • 5:00 pm Tournament Begins

Sunday Division

  • 8:00 am Doors Open/Check-in
  • 9:00 am Tournament Begins


  • Coed Open/AA 2's: $40.00 per player (60% payout)
  • Coed AA 2's: $30.00 per player
  • Coed A 2's: $30.00 per player


Additional Notes for Big Money Indoor Tournaments

• Teams traveling with a coach, need to make sure the coach checks in with the TD with the team(s) they will be coaching.

• Due to lack of space between courts and safety reasons, if your team has a designated coach, the coach needs to stand either in the middle of the 4 courts inside the ball stops or in the enter/exit area by the net.

• Coaches are to only coach their players during timeouts and between sets.  There will be no coaching on side switches. Coaches of Junior players, please be mindful at most Women’s and Men’s Open events there are not Coaches on the court.  TVA view is Juniors playing in our Open Level events is as follows. Juniors should be there to compete and learn how to manage the game. Although we do allow for coaches, please make sure you are no impeding the game in any way.

Guideline for Hand Setting During Player’s meeting of tournaments

• Hand Setting is judged on two characteristics, duration of contact and consistency of contact.   From a duration perspective, the contact during an overhead contact should be brief and upward in direction.  There should be no “dip” of the elbows during the hand setting process and the ball should never come to visible rest.   From a consistency of contact perspective, the ball should be contacted in a simultaneous fashion by both hands with no noticeable doubling of contact between the two hands.  

• Notice that nowhere in this explanation is the term “spin” mentioned, although many of us who have played the game for decades know that “spin” was at one time the sole consideration for calling a double contact.  

• In short, to the extent we can provide clear understandable and identifiable hand setting guidelines, more players will develop the skill of hand setting which will only improve the competitive level of our sport.

TVA Policy for Payouts

• TVA’s policy for payout for Beach Tournaments.  Each player will receive a check based on the number of teams entered and the entry fee total intake. One check per team will not be paid out.  

• Juniors playing in Big Money Tournaments and win can accept winnings up to the registration cost and travel cost of the tournament itself.  They can also choose to forfeit the money to ensure there is no NCAA violation.


King and Queen of the Court Tournaments


King of the court is played with a total of 5 teams, 2 will be in the field, the others will be waiting their turn outside the Court. There is a kingside of the court and a challengers side. Which team will start where is determined by the drawing of lots. Each rally will start with a serve from the team at the challengers side. Each team is free to pick which player will serve.

If the team on the challengers side wins the rally, they move to the kingside and the other team will leave the court and will have to wait their turn to serve again on the challengers side. If the team on the kingside wins the rally, they will stay on the kingside and get 1 point. Teams are only able to score points while they are on the kingside. When a team on the challengers side makes a mistake during the serve, they’re out and need to join the back of the line. However the team on the Kingside will not gain a point! There is a maximum 8 sec between two rally’s. The referee will closely monitoring this. During the rally, current beach volleyball rules apply.

If there’s a situation when two teams end with the same amount of points at the end of a round, the first check will be the longest stay at the kingside. (A longest stay is the most amount of point gathered during one turn on the kingside). Team with the longest stay will go on to the next round. If the lon- gest stay scores are also the same; the team that got the longest stay first will proceed to the next round.

The next round will start in order of result of the previous round. So number 1 starts at kingside, number 2 at challengersside, number 3 second serve position, etc. There are no time-outs and no breaks. The game is played on time.

The end of each round is determined by the buzzer. This means the end of the rally. Points will still be award to the current rally if it has not finished. The team with the lowest score at the end of each round will be eliminated.

The winner will be determined in the final by whomever get to 15 points first (or the highest score at the time of the final buzzer.)

  • First round: 5 teams – 20 mins play.
  • Second round: 4 teams – 16 mins play.
  • Final: 3 teams – first to 15 points (max 20 minutes)

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