2019 Tidewater Volleyball Beach League

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  • League is $95 per person ($75 league fee and $20 BEACH membership), every player must register and pay online individually! 

  • A TVA Summer Beach membership is required to play in the summer league. 
  • TVA is an AVP affiliate so all league members are required to also purchase an AVP membership which is a yearly membership.
  • May 20th - Early bird price of $85 per person ($65 league fee and $20 beach membership) ends at 11:59 PM (League price will increase by $10 if anyone registers and/or pays after this date)  

  • May 31st -Regular registration price of $95 per person ($75 league fee and $20 beach membership) ends at 11:59 PM($10 late fee will be added if anyone registers and/or pays after this date) 

  • June 6th - Registration CLOSES at 11:59 PM

    • No new teams will be added into the league, BUT players will be able to register on teams that registered on or before June 6th.
  • The first week of league will start Monday, June 10th 

  • You will only play on the night that you signed up for. Make-up games will be held the following Friday after the canceled night. 

  • 7 weeks of league play, 1-2 weeks of playoffs (if needed and time permitting) after week 7 of league play (August 5th - 9th) 

  • Each night of league will consist of each team playing 2 matches, 2 games each to 21. Each team is responsible for reffing at least one match as well.  THERE ARE NO FORFEITS!!  EVERYONE WILL PLAY 4 SETS!

  • Every player must register and pay before May 20th to get the early bird price, June 1st to get regular registration price, and registration closes on June 6th.

  • Games will start at 6:15 PM each night of league with the next match starting no more than 5 minutes after the end of that match and every team will have to ref at least once a night.

  • Every player must register AND pay INDIVIDUALLY to complete registration and to receive the early bird price. Registering and paying after each deadline will result in a $10 increase in fee!


COED 6's and COED 2's - AA,A,BB/B


Men's 2's and Women's 2's - AA,A,BB/B


Men's OPEN 2's, Women's OPEN 2's, COED 3's - AA,A,BB/B and Juniors 2's - U18, U16, U14, U12

***Juniors league will end the week of August 1st***


COED OPEN 2's, COED 2's - AA,A,BB/B , and COED 4's AA, A, BB/B 

Email beachleague@playtva.org with any questions or concerns

How does registering as a Free Agent work?
Registering as a free agent is a great new tool offered to players that want to play! This is a great way to meet new people, play with different people and still play whenever you don’t have a partner!

The way it works is to just select the tournament, league or event that you are interested in and register, click register as a free agent and then you will be asked a few questions and YOU'RE DONE! It is free to register as a free agent and will only be charged if you are matched with a team.  If you register before the early bird deadline you will not have to pay any late fees, only the fees that would be charged to you normally. Once a suitable partner is found we will register you together on League apps and then you can communicate via your dashboard or email. You may sign up as a free agent for any tournament at any division or skill level at NO COST until you are matched with a partner. We will email all free agents and ask a few questions so that we can find the best suitable partner for everyone! 

So sign up today and get in the game!!!

Email beachleague@playtva.org with any questions or concerns

2019 TVA Beach League Standings


All League Schedules are listed Below. Please click the link for your appropriate league and a PDF copy of your league will appear. League Schedules are subject to change. We will provide a date and time of when league schedules/updates were posted next to the link.


Mon. Court Map

Coed 6's

Coed AA/A 2's Updated 6/17/19

Coed BB 2's


Women's AA 2's  Updated 6/17

Women's A/BB 2's Updated 6/17

Men's AA 2's Updated 6/10

Men's A 2's Updated 6/17

Men's BB 2's Updated 6/17


Wed. Court Map

Women's Open 2's

Men's Open 2's

Coed 3's  - Upd. 7/9

Juniors Schedules are created at the oceanfront


Thu. Court Map

Coed AA 4's - Upd. 6/13

Coed A 4's - Upd. 7/5

Coed BB 4's Upper Div - Upd. 7/9

Coed BB 4's Lower Div - Upd. 7/9

Coed Open 2's - Upd. 6/20

Coed AA 2's

Coed A 2's - Upd. 6/20

Coed BB 2's


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