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2020 Fall Beach League

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League Details

After our successful partnership with the Field House for our 2020 Fall Beach League we will renew our contract to host another league. We will host leagues Monday through Thursday and we will have divisions for all skill levels.

  • Eight Week Regular Season
  • Single Elimination Playoffs
  • All Teams make Playoffs
  • Two matches a night - A match is Two sets to 21 or 40 minutes (Whichever occurs first)
  • Two weeks allotted for Playoffs in the event of inclement weather
  • Due to constraints, leagues will not be made up in the event of inclement weather


  • July 15th - Registration Opens
  • August 17th - 1st Week of League Begins
  • October 12th - Last week of League Begins
  • October 19th - Playoffs Begin

Divisions Offered:


  • Coed A 4's
  • Coed BB 4's
  • Coed Open 2's
  • Coed AA 2's
  • Coed A 2's
  • Coed BB 2's


  • Women's Open 2's
  • Women's AA 2's
  • Women's A/BB 2's
  • Men's Open 2's
  • Men's AA 2s
  • Men's A 2's
  • Men's BB 2's


  • Coed Open 2's
  • Coed AA 2's
  • Coed A 2's
  • Coed BB 2's
  • Coed A 3's
  • Coed BB 3's


  • Coed AA 4's
  • Coed A 4's
  • Coed BB 4's


  • Coed 4's Leagues - $360/Team 
  • Coed 3's Leagues - $300/Team
  • Coed 2's Leagues - $200/Team

FAQ in regards to cost

  • Why is the price increased from the 2020 Summer Season
    • The original price for the 2020 Summer season only accounted for SIX weeks of regular season matches with no guaranteed make-ups
    • The 2020 Fall Season is Eight weeks Regular Season, with two weeks of playoffs, and the opportunity to make-up games on Fridays
  • What does my participation in the league get me?
    • Gets you discounts at local restaurants near the Virginia Beach Field House
    • Discounts on purchases of Wilson OPTX Volleyballs ($50.00 a ball for TVA Members - MSRP $64.95)

Email with any questions or concerns

How does registering as a Free Agent work?
Registering as a free agent is a great new tool offered to players that want to play! This is a great way to meet new people, play with different people and still play whenever you don’t have a partner!

The way it works is to just select the tournament, league or event that you are interested in and register, click register as a free agent and then you will be asked a few questions and YOU'RE DONE! It is free to register as a free agent and will only be charged if you are matched with a team.  If you register before the early bird deadline you will not have to pay any late fees, only the fees that would be charged to you normally. Once a suitable partner is found we will register you together on League apps and then you can communicate via your dashboard or email. You may sign up as a free agent for any tournament at any division or skill level at NO COST until you are matched with a partner. We will email all free agents and ask a few questions so that we can find the best suitable partner for everyone! 

So sign up today and get in the game!!!

Email with any questions or concerns

2020 Beach League at VB Fieldhouse

Due to COVID-19, we are hopeful to have our oceanfront beach league this summer, but as we patiently wait for Phase 3 and the City of Virginia Beach to provide permits, TVA has worked hard to provide leagues for our members this summer. We will be partnering with the Virginia Beach Fieldhouse to provide a location for our members to play this summer. While we won't be able to provide the same number of teams that we typically get at the oceanfront, we hope to provide divisions at the fieldhouse and divisions at our indoor sand facility on dean drive.

Divisions Offered at Virginia Beach Field House

Monday Nights

  • Coed A 6's | Coed B 6's
  • Coed AA 2's

Tuesday Nights

  • Men's A 2's 
  • Men's BB 2's
  • Women's A 2's
  • Women's BB 2's
  • Coed Open 2's

Wednesday Nights

  • Men's Open 2's 
  • Women's Open 2's
  • Coed A 3's
  • Coed B 3's
  • Juniors 2's U18, U16, & U14 

Thursday Nights

  • Coed AA 4's **FULL**
  • Coed A 4's **FULL**
  • Coed BB 4's **FULL**
  • Coed AA 2's **FULL**
  • Coed A 2's **FULL**
  • Coed BB 2's **FULL**


  • Registration Opens June 2, 2020
  • League Starts June 15th!!!
  • Matches begin at 6:15 pm


  • Six Weeks of League Play. Two matches a Night (Two Sets, games to 21 points, no cap)
  • No Playoffs
  • No guaranteed make ups (make ups will be attempted depending on size of league and court availability).
  • In the event we given permits from the City of Virginia Beach, we will extend the season to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and add Playoffs


  • Doubles & Triples Fee $65.00 per person (Doubles team has to have TWO team members paid in full on the team).
  • Sixes & Quads Fee $60.00 per person (Triples team has to have THREE team members paid in full on the team).
  • Due to COVID-19 Membership fees are included league fee.
  • As long as team fees are paid in full there are no sub fees. Subs will be required to sign a waiver on site or sign up online digitally.
  • Teams must be paid in full by the start of the 2nd week of matches.

Locations & Procedures

  • Leagues will be held at TWO Locations
    • Virginia Beach Field House (VBFH) 2020 Landstown Centre Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
    • TVA Indoor Sand Courts (TVASand) 2682 Dean Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
  • Fours and Sixes Leagues will take priority at the Virginia Beach Field House
  • If more than 30 Teams register, teams will be assigned to the TVA Indoor Sand Courts. Divisions MAY switch locations to allow players the opportunity to play outside.
  • Spectators are not permitted unless the are children under the age of 15.
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations will be present at each court and at check-in areas
  • Volleyballs will be sanitized between matches (One Ball in play per court)


All League Schedules are listed Below. Please click the link for your appropriate league and a PDF copy of your league will appear. League Schedules are subject to change. We will provide a date and time of when league schedules/updates were posted next to the link.


Mon. Court Map

Coed 6's

Coed AA/A 2's Updated 6/17/19

Coed BB 2's


Women's AA 2's  Updated 6/17

Women's A/BB 2's Updated 6/17

Men's AA 2's Updated 6/10

Men's A 2's Updated 6/17

Men's BB 2's Updated 6/17


Wed. Court Map

Women's Open 2's

Men's Open 2's

Coed 3's  - Upd. 7/9

Juniors Schedules are created at the oceanfront


Thu. Court Map

Coed AA 4's - Upd. 6/13

Coed A 4's - Upd. 7/5

Coed BB 4's Upper Div - Upd. 7/9

Coed BB 4's Lower Div - Upd. 7/9

Coed Open 2's - Upd. 6/20

Coed AA 2's

Coed A 2's - Upd. 6/20

Coed BB 2's


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